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Swapner Tori

Bangla Kobita
Alap - Alochona
Prothom Kobita
Ditio Kobita

like to write poems from my student life. And have written a lot in everywhere i got a little space. but I lost a lot of. My friends always inspired me to publish. but I had no intention to publish books; because i told them that i write what i like to say. If it is poem..its poem..if u like it..i love it. It's enough. Then they forced me to publish in the net to extend the boundary.. from local friends to international friends, specially bengali people to get their feelings in my writing. And Almighty Allah gives me this opportunity to express everytime my writings whenever, whatever I like to write as my feelings to share with others. Thanks to Almighty to give me this opportunity to express my feelings to share with others. Thanks my Sweet wife and cute Baby. Thanks my friends.

I think what i want to think, I write what I want to write.
Javed Akter

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This is feelings, What I want to feel.